Something positive everyday

2006-05-23 14:15:00.0

Something positive everyday

Frequently Peter and myself go for coffee and try and quantify all the various bits and pieces we have developed over the last 6 years and how to keep improving applications, tags and sites we manage.

One of the things we always say is that we will Do at least 1 positive thing everyday to get us to the places we want to go with the company and as programmers/developers.

Well, I started. It may be small but its a start:

Tuesday 23/5/2006:

I have added an RSS button to for the latest tags. This will link to an RSS feed of the latest updates to tags and new tags added.

I also for the first time ever used FEED:// to automatically call up your RSS Reader and add the feed to your folders. Plus I added the relevant HTML tags so readers can automatically find the feed.

For generating the RSS feed, I used Peters extremely easy to use ColdFusion custom tag : SimpleRSS2

Tags: ColdFusion
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