Signed Up For Ether

2006-06-22 18:16:00.0

Signed Up For Ether

I have been keeping an eye on this new start-up called Ether and it officially launched today.

I was a bit pesimistic about the availability to us as we are based in Ireland but was delighted to see that Ireland is a supported country.

Ether allows you to set a price for your knowledge by phone. You can setup many different Listings and charge either by the minute or by the hour. Ether will take care of the financials and take a 15% cut on top of what you earn.

You can create as many Listings as you wish, each listing is like a topic such as ColdFusion Help, DHTML or anything you feel you have to offer others.

People who need help can call a toll free number and enter the extension of the person they require services from and the call is forwarded free to any number you set up. For example you could have your work, mobile (cell) or home number and can set available hours. (In my case the number is 1-888-MY-ETHER ext. 01660537 and I also have a Call Me button on the right hand side of this page.

Although the service call is free, the person requesting your service must have money in their account to pay for your time. They also have a model for documents etc

I can really see potential in this company. We  take alot of calls on support unpaid and a service like this would be ideal if you could white-label it or something and actually get paid for the time you spend fixing peoples code or helping them with a particular part of their application.

I can definately see us using this more and more for support requests and maybe if an API is released build an inhouse application around their service.

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