Quick Tip : Mozilla disables window.status by default

2006-05-23 12:02:00.0

Quick Tip : Mozilla disables window.status by default

I was doing some testing on an app that needed to display mouse events so instead of doing what I normally do I said its only quick debug so I'll set the window.status - No joy.....

Mozilla by default now disables access to WINDOW.STATUS

You have to enable it by going to : TOOLS->OPTIONS->CONTENT-> ADVANCED and enable "Change  window status text"

Just a quick one incase you ever need to turn it on. This is a good thing to stop annoying sites but bad in general. There should be a wizard when installing Mozilla where you can specify whats turned off and not have to find things in the future.

This is one of my main gripes with Mozilla and Thunderbird. There doesnt seem to be any consistancy in where OPTIONS, SETTINGS or PREFERENCES are stored and their popup windows, dialogs, menus and tabs all hide settings in the most unpredictable places.

This is one of the reasons Windows is the de facto desktop operating system for normal users because they standardised the user interface. Even though Firefox is a great browser and Thunderbird is a great email application, you can see they were primerily developed on platforms other than Windows where there is no standard as far as settings, menu items etc should be placed.

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Corwin said:
If you do really use non MS programs this is not a main issue. There are a way much more advantages in using Application like Mozilla browsers. Have a look at extensions they have and I'm sure you will realize tthe difference. You can customize almost everything there. It takes some time, but once you get used to it(the same way as you got used to your lovely MS IE) you will see the point. Besides, MS would not be as good as it is without proper competitors on the market. I switched to Firefox some time ago and use MS IE sometimes only for testing purposes. Try FireBug extension of FF. This is an amaizing tool if you really want to see what the web pages you are brosing really are.
Dan said:
Hi Corwin, thank you for your comment but I am a small bit confused as to its relevance to the subject of the post. I DO use Thunderbird, I DO use Mozilla but I was making the point of an inconsistant UI as opposed to knocking non-ms products. Your comment seems to be an out-of-place rant but valid non-the-less.
pravat said:
thank you