Project Management Quick App

2006-05-12 17:59:00.0

Project Management Quick App

I am in desperate need of a quick application to manage my day-to-day projects and tasks. I have tried Gantt Project which is a good little Sourceforge Project but there are too many nuances and limitations. The biggest that turned me off was the inability to set a task in hours as opposed to days. This is ludicrous as all tasks need to be tracked and not all tasks take a day to complete. I have tasks that can take 10 mins to 2 hours.

Tonight I have a few hours spare and depending on my mood later and the amount of work I get done today, I am going to knock up a QAD (Quick And Dirty) personal project management app.

For ages I have been thinking about the best app to suit me. Peter and myself have great ideas on a full-blown app but we dont always agree on the way it should run.

This is what I want in mine until we finish our big app.
  • Ability to add Project Categories and Sub-Categories
  • Ability to add Projects
  • Ability to add Tasks to Projects
  • Quick access to the app
    - Tray Control
    - Fast task adding, deleting and editing
  • Simple reporting
  • ColdFusion based with AJAX for speed and usability

Tray Control

I need the app to be quickly accesible so I want a tray control app so when I right click, the menu pops up with my Cats, Projects and Tasks. Clicking on the task will complete it, start/stop the task etc. This could be fun the more I think about the features!

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Dan said:
We are about to test our Project Management App and invite people to email me for the chance to preview it. You can email me at and I will set up an installation for you.
Dan said:
We are VERY close (13 days) to launching Teamwork Project Manager so check out for more information!