Pandoras Box Running In Ireland Again!

Its been a while looking at Pandoras Box seeing as access to Ireland was cut off. I finally got it working last night using the rather excellent Tor.

2007-09-18 11:14:00.0

Pandoras Box Running In Ireland Again!

Its been a while looking at Pandoras Box seeing as access to Ireland (and Europe) was cut off.

I have got a shed load of emails from people but there was nothing I could do. This really bugged me and I have had to listen to FineTune which while good was never my favourite and the repeats made me want to shoot myself in the head. The player is cool though : Using Adobe AIR. Kudos to the programmer who actually contacted me recently!

Now European Pandora fans can get access to the service again using the steps below:

Unfortunately a normal proxy wont do. It will work for the Pandora page and the player will load but then the Flash Object doesnt use this proxy so your rolloxed.

I finally got it working last night using the rather excellent Tor.

  1. Install Tor using the link above - but dont run it yet
  2. Open torrc file from Start->Programs->Tor and add paste at the bottom
    StrictExitNodes 1
    exitnodes desync,whistlersmother,lefkada,bettyboop,croeso,
  3. Create an automatic proxy script.
    Easiest thing to do is create a blank text file and copy the following into it.

    Rename the file to pandora.pac

    function FindProxyForURL(url, host)
    if (shExpMatch(host, "")) return "SOCKS";
    return "DIRECT";
  4. Set pandora.pac to be used for automatic configuration in Internet Explorer.

    Open Internet Explorer. Go to Tools->Internet Options.
    Select Connections tab.
    Open Lan Settings by pressing the button.
    Check/Select 'Use automatic configuration script'.
    Type in : "file://" following the pandora.pac file name with full path. Mine is: file://c:\pandora.pac cause I saved the file in the c:\ drive.
  5. Run Tor - from Start->Programs->Tor->Tor and launch Pandoras Box. It may take a moment at first but have patience.
  6. Be careful not to close the Tor application or the music stops ;-)

Another thing of note. I did all the above on a spanking new Alienware Laptop that was a virgin to Pandora and Pandoras Box and every thing ran perfectly.

There are some issues that were introduced since my lock out of Pandora Access but in the coming weeks I will be fixing these hopefully. Most notably the lack of access to stations from the tray.

A few people say they are getting script errors so all I can do at the moment is recommend you delete your Internet Temporary Files and launch the app again. As I said, using Tor on a brand new PC everything worked for me so I am guessing a chaching of old files is causing some people problems.

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Roger Chaplin said:
FWIW, I've been getting a script error when I launch Pandora's Box, just before it loads the first song. Clearing my temporary Internet files did not fix the problem.
Joanthan said:
Hi again Dan

After my previous comment I read your Tor article, but I still think is easier for noobe like me.


Markus A said:
I have used that kind of free proxy that just is transperant. It works great so one sugestion is to create a Pandora client and if it's possible to configure proxy in the client.

philipp said:
Does this work with Firefox too? Or do I need to use a different type of file?
Thanks for finding this hack!
jade said:
i've had this working great for a very long time.
as of this morning tor times out at 120 seconds and the page never loads... tested this one many pc's in the home :(
Thanks for this excellent instruction on listening to Pandora outside of the USA.

Do you have any plans to figure out how to do something similar for the new free Napster?


Ian Goldsmid