Most Useful ColdFusion Custom Tag - UDI

2006-06-20 11:45:00.0

Most Useful ColdFusion Custom Tag - UDI

One of the great tools Peter wrote, UDI - Ultimate Database Interface is something we use in every ColdFusion project we work on here in Digital Crew. From Website Administrations, to Intranet applications.

UDI has 2 specific parts to it :

  • Design Time View
    This view gives you a wizard based view of your database allowing you to create a View/Edit/Delete interface for any of your database tables.

    Its amazingly simple yet powerful. The wizard pulls in all the fields in your database (MySQL, MSSQL or MSAccess) and allows you to define what type of data is contained in the field and allows you to choose a specific interface to manage the data. This could be a Date Selector, URL, Textbox, text input, duel-select, drop-down based on another table, image (with image selecting tools) etc

    With 5 minutes of clicking and building, you can create a spreadsheet type view of your database tables.
  • Runtime View
    The runtime view is the actual view you use to view, edit and delete data. This is broken into 2 panes. The top pane gives a paged grid with summary records and the bottom pane contains the generated form holding all the different types of controls per field. You can double-click a record in the View Pane and the data for that record is loaded into an easy to use form for editing.

The whole package is so easy to use and literally saves us days of extra work. Gone are the days of hand coding hundreds of admin pages for editing data. Now we just click, point and define our data. The rest is handled. Also, the component only uses one code base and auto generates the required pages for calling the component.

With over 65 internal projects using the component and more than 150+ 3rd party developers using the component around the world, UDI has literally become a must-have tool!

You can view the component on and order it for $100. Bulk licensing is available and also a demo to try before you buy! I guarantee you wont be disappointed!

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