How to make blog feeds more accessible

2006-05-13 17:34:00.0

How to make blog feeds more accessible

I never liked the way my old Blogger Blog worked. I didnt like the archives as it mad stuff hard for people to get to.

Peters blogging engine (in use here and at is built upon our existing CMS system. I like the tags and the archives by months but I dont like the way the feeds get lost after you place more then 9 or so on the home page.

I am going to use the side nav to place the following:

  • This Month
    - Week 1...n
      - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
  • Archives (Current Year)
     - Month 1
    -  :
     - Month n
  • Previous Years (Link to page with feeds categorised and searchable)

I am also going to limit the frontpage to just todays posts and if none are found then start placing the last 4 posts.

My posts tend to be long enough and I dont like a really long page......

Other things that need fixing:

  • Pinging sites when a post is added
  • Fix post tree in CMS section
  • Windows App to post to blog
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