Flash Multiple File Upload Control - 90% finished!

ColdFusion Custom Tag & Flash multiple file upload control 90% finished and nearly ready to go on CFTagstore.com. Check out the online demo below!

2006-06-22 12:28:00.0

Flash Multiple File Upload Control - 90% finished!

As you all probably know, Topper and myself have been working on a powerful ColdFusion based multiple file upload control with progress indicators etc.

I am delighted to be able to post a link to a fully functional online sneak preview:


More can be read here on Toppers Blog

Just wondering if anybody with a Mac can run the demo and report back the results!

We have yet to get our hands on a Mac :-(

BTW, Linux still doesnt have Flash 8 released so the demo unfortunately wont run on Linux.

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hey dan, had a look at the flash upload using Safari with OSx.... looks great and seems to work great!!! Hope all is well wit ya.
Eric Hermann said:

I'm working on a multiple file uploader myself and I've tested yours out on a Mac G5 and it works great.

I was wondering, have you tested it out w/ very large files? I am using a PERL back end for the uploading because it can handle huge file sizes. Sometimes, when uploading large multiple files I get the "Script timeout error" in the flash player. It will still work fine if you choose No to terminate the script and it will finish the uploading process fine. Do you know what might be causing this or a way around this?