Easy Blog Posting For New Engine...

2006-05-16 12:50:00.0

Easy Blog Posting For New Engine...

One of the reasons I stayed with Blogger for so long was the convenience of posting blogs.

Blogger hooks you in by adding Browser Toolbar blogging tools, Add-Ons to Word to allow blogging etc and it is something I kinda miss. Sometimes you want to do a quick post and not have to load up the full cms system.

I am thinking of using what I built for the Guarantee Certificates and adapting it to be a quick blog posting application that runs in the tasktray...

Because I am using the same engine as Peter I can also give him a copy of it an together we will be able to enhance our blogging app.

More details as I plan it...

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Keith said:
You could write some code to implement the Blogger API[1], the MetaWeblog API[2], or the Atom API[3] (your best bet as Atom has a lot of momentum right now, it's well-designed, and pretty close to complete). These would allow you to use tools like w.bloggar[4] and others to post offline or knock them out quickly.

The best thing about it is that you're reusing stuff that's already out there.

[1] http://www.blogger.com/developers/api/1_docs/
[2] http://www.xmlrpc.com/metaWeblogApi
[3] http://code.blogger.com/archives/atom-docs.html
[4] http://wbloggar.com/
Keith said:
Argh! That page for the Atom API is fine, but http://www.atomenabled.org/developers/api/ is the one I meant to include.