Disappointed with Project Aarvark DVD

2006-06-27 11:10:00.0

Disappointed with Project Aarvark DVD

The FogCreek Project Aarvark DVD arrived to the office yesterday and Topper and myself scrambled to re-arrange our evening so we could have our Nerd Night In

I cant tell you how excited Topper and myself were to see this DVD. With a killer project on the horizon in Digital Crew which I cant talk about yet, we couldnt wait to see what we thought would be a feature about how a project is started, budgeted, planned and managed.

What a let down. The whole DVD circled around the personal lives of the 4 interns. They showed the interns juggling, jogging, growing tomato plants and bumbling their way through demos.

They didnt show the initial meetings, setting the roles of the individual interns in the project or any of the discussions that may have gone into the whole project. I was hoping for insight into arguements and discussions on challenges they faced and how they managed the whole project.

Topper and myself finished up at 2am last night feeling let down.

One interesting thing in the DVD was their first public demo and stand at CFUnited of all places!

They even mentioned ColdFusion and the fact that some people think its a waste of time and some people thinking it is the future of Web based Applications. As you all know, we are firmly in the latter category ;-)

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shit can't believe it was that much of a let down.....!!!
Topper said:
Believe it! (Dan, get your own comment code :p You don't have smilies though, but you could just steal my code again :p haha)