ColdFusion Mutltiple File Upload

2006-06-08 13:38:00.0

ColdFusion Mutltiple File Upload

Peter has outdone himself yet again on his work on our Flash based ColdFusion multiple file upload control we decided to write.

We had one concern while developing this product and that was the look and feel of the product and to build in from the start all the features developers would need while using it themselves. We work well as a team and together we made a list of features we wanted to include and call it version 1.

One of the aims of this product is to show the current progress and speed of each file being uploaded. Our last ColdFusion based multiple file upload control used an activeX control and gave a progress bar which changed as each file went up only showing the overall progress but the new control uses a progress bar for each file and also an overall progress bar.

Its a thing of beauty to watch work and you can find out more at CFTopper where Peter has written a post and uploaded a screenshot.

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Matz said:
This looks good and something I'd be able to use if it works in .NET? Does it, or does it have to be ColdFusion?
Dan said:
Hi Matz, the core component is mainly flash and the upload action is performed using ColdFusion but there is no reason why it cant work on .NET. If you email I am sure he will assist you with the base flash code and some pointers.