CFImageResizer - Preview

2006-05-22 16:14:00.0

CFImageResizer - Preview

Over the weekend I was looking through my old posts and spotted my post about the cool Flickr Image Resizing Flash widget and stumbled upon Googles new GMail Contact photo editor and it got me side-tracked into developing our own widget.

There are many many times where an online easy-to-use image cropping tool would be handy for both us and our clients.

Using the X Javascript Library, I got enough functionality complete in a few hours to show a screenshot. I am going to make this robust, easy to use and useful, possibly interfacing with Java through ColdFusion <CFOBJECT> to do the actual image cropping. The only snag is it will be JPG and PNG only :-(


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Jeez're really coming out with some applications that I would love to get a hold of. Put me on the list for this one too!
Dan said:
Hi Jeff,

I have built this functionality into the latest version of CF_FileManager.