Apple Safari 3 PC Version Beta 3

Finally, after years of waiting, I am able to test my work and products on Safari and by all accounts what you see on PC is what you'll see on a Mac.

2007-06-12 12:31:00.0

Apple Safari 3 PC Version Beta 3

I am so happy today! Last night I found out Safari 3 was released for Public Beta for both Mac and PC.

Download Link :

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en) AppleWebKit/522.11.3 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/3.0 Safari/522.11.3

Finally, after years of waiting, I am able to test my work and products on Safari and by all accounts what you see on PC is what you'll see on a Mac.

The browser is XP and Vista compatible and uses the familiar Apple chrome interface. The browsing (although slow at first) was suprisingly snappy and I havent encountered any serious issues yet.

The only issue that kind of bugs me is that it is not compatible with a duel dual ( Thanks M. Katz ;-) ) monitor shared desktop environment. You can drag it to your other monitor but if you go full screen, it disapears completely and you have to close the browser. Hopefully this will be fixed in an update.

The best feature is how text on a page looks. Its beautiful. Beats the pants of Mozilla and IE and is similar (but nicer) than Operas text rendering. Not sure I like the extra bold though. Check out this post for more insight and some good points : Font smoothing, anti-aliasing, and sub-pixel rendering

I can finally get CF_FileManager, CFForumExpress, Teamwork CMS, UDI and all our other products fully Safari compatible.

Thank you Apple!!

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Damian Vines said:
I can't get Flash to run on the PC version of Safari. I've downloaded the plugin via the link that popped up and restarted the browser but no luck.
Dan said:
Hi Damian, I didnt have any problems with Flash. I wasnt even prompted to download a plug-in, it just worked. Any body else come across a problem similar to Damians?
Craig said:
I've got the same problem as Damian. I've got an apple at home so I'd love to be able to use Safari on the work PC, but no luck!
M. Katz said:
"Dual" monitors. "Duel" monitors draw weapons and kill each other. :)
Dan said:
@M. Katz - LOL Nothing like a blog to highlight my bad spelling ;-) Sometimes trying to get these monitors to play nice with each other is as if they are dueling! Only the other day, the big monitor slapped the other monitor with a glove!
Flash does not work on PC version of Safari for me either. Extremeoly slow also, but maybe will speedup as other comment said. I downloaded new version of Flash player and no luck
I found the solution to Flash on PC Safari. Enable pop-ups and view a page anbd it starts working. Then I was able to block pop-ups and it did not stop Flash.
RndmPerson said:
The new non-beta version of Safari has been released. I use xp and the flash plugin works fine
glossedoutmami said:
I reinstalled the Flash Player 9 for Windows XP and it began to work
F Khan said:
My safari flash player on PC was fine until i got an Adobe update and then it stopped working. i downloaded the new one off