Apple G4 Arrived Today...

Finally got around to buying an Apple G4 computer after all the years of hating them.

2006-09-22 13:03:00.0

Apple G4 Arrived Today...

After 15 years I have finally given in and purchased an Apple G4. I really need to get the thumb out and make my apps truely cross-platform so this morning handed the cash over and took delivery of my first Apple computer.

I am actually looking forward to re-writing CF_FileManager and getting it truely cross-platform and especially running in Safari. Same goes for all my Custom Tags and Applications on

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Karl said:
jesus Dan, neva thought id see the day....!!!
Daniel said:
Ha Ha! I know :-) Had to do it and I must say its impressive. Takes a bit of getting used to and HAVE to get a 2 button mouse. No right-click is driving me bananas!