Another bubble floating our way ready to be burst?

2006-06-12 19:49:00.0

Another bubble floating our way ready to be burst?

Am I the only one that sees another major tech bubble burst in the not too near future?

The lead up patterns are the same. Make a site, wow the investors get some money.

The only difference with this one is people mashing together a site to perform a job nobody really needs or wants, tacking Web 2.0 to it (or calling it an obscure name) and hoping it will be snapped up by one of the big 3 - Google, Microsoft or Yahoo.

I have seen many 2.0 Apps boasting rounded corners, funky colors and AJAX thrown in for the hell of it and to be honest.....would I really use them? NO!!!

The only two I use is Flickr and Delicious. Why? Because they actually add some value to my life and genuinly allows me to do stuff I couldnt normally do. Plus, they were the first and continue to innovate.

Do we really need sub-par alternatives to the above? Do we really need 30 different customisable homepages or 40 different online calendars?

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