Another bloody busker shows up!

I hate buskers when I am trying to work!

2006-07-31 14:05:00.0

Another bloody busker shows up!

Under pressure to get the latest project out the door and working on a fairly brain-tasking section so I need all my concentration and this bloody fool turns up outside my window.

Everyday a new busker shows up outside my window and screeches through renditions of popular tunes. They are getting more inventive in their ways to annoy me. This fucker decided to use a uni-cycle and play spanish style music while croaning like something in pain....

I want to through my coffee at him....

Tags: Rants
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Karl said:
shame u aint got any air guns..... ;)
I feel your pain...when they used to camp out across from area52 at the TSB I could hear them clearly all night/day long. My god I wanted a gun.
Busker said:
What You need is a decent Busker lol,Someone who can play a bit of Floyd or something!
But we`re not all "Fuckers",just talk to him/them/be nice and ask politely for them to move,You will be surprised :-)