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2007-10-06 17:41:00.0

Impressive Adobe AIR Application - Google Analytics Suite

Once again I have been impressed by AIR - Adobe Integrated Runtime. I can see massive advantages of an app environment like this even if I have some requirements that are not available.

Anyway, we use Google Analytics for client projects and our own websites and I always found the interface a little bit confusing. The left hand menu was structured Marketing, Developer etc and I had no idea where anything was.

The AIR Application Google Analytics Suite solves this problem by structuring the left menu under the categories:

  • Visitors
  • Traffic Sources
  • Content

The interface is beautiful and importantly its snappy! I love the fact you can have multiple tabs open! One gripe would be to have some persistance in the application to remember open tabs, date range picked etc.

I really really wish AIR supported the following:

  • Right Click Menus
  • System Notification Area Support (Minimise to Tray) - I really want this!!!

If the above was available I will ditch C# .NET as my language of choice for writing the Teamwork Project Manager Desktop Application. I could have a truely cross platorm desktop app.

There is one thing I am unclear about and hoping somebody can answer.....what browser is used on Mac and Linux inside AIR?? I am guessing the Windows AIR uses IE.

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2007-10-04 09:42:00.0

ColdFusion Powered Teamwork Project Manager Released

We got there!

After a gruelling few days hard work and an extremely long day yesterday, Topper and myself finally hit our launch milestone and Teamwork Project Manager went live

Already the feedback has been excellent and a roadmap of features will be defined and uploaded today sometime. People really really like the UI and the Teamwork PM approach to Project Management

Some of the features I cant wait for myself, such as:

  • Project Notebooks - Like a mini version comparing word processor without the crap
  • Windows App (My Baby) - A tabbed multiple project installation host for TeamworkPM running in the tasktray - PS:Its cool! C# .NET if your interested
  • Dedicated File Section - Upload, catagorise and store all your files. Have it working but not live yet. Use the very cool CF_ProFlashupload for multiple file uploads
  • Data Export - Various options to export data
  • Developer API - Kinda there but no documentation
  • Many more....


Well, enough of the talk, try it out yourself : Signup FREE to Teamwork Project Manager

Topper & Dan launching Teamwork Project Manager

Check out more photos from the office : Teamwork Project Manager Photos

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