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2006-10-20 19:08:00.0

Testing IE6 Sites With IE7 Installed

When the second beta of Internet Explorer 7 was released I installed it and hated it. There was too much missing for me to feel comfortable using it and as a big fan of IE6 I was dismayed by the changes to the UI.

Today I said I would bite the bullet and install the full version of IE7 but was a little aprehensive as I would need to test my existing sites and applications in IE6. It went smoothly enough.

I installed IE7 and then did some searching for a stand alone Internet Explorer 6 so I could run both at the same time.

I found such a download at : http://browsers.evolt.org/?ie/32bit/standalone

When extracted I placed it in a folder in Program Files called Internet Explorer 6 and created a shortcut to it.

The bottom line is it works. The rendering part anyway. I can see what a site will look like in IE6 which was my aim but the settings are inherited from Internet Explorer 7 so some strange things happen with some sessions and plug-ins.

Overall I really really like Internet Explorer 7 and this time I think I'll stick with it. The installation was painless and all my add-ins and links etc held up aswell as ActiveX controls etc

The CSS is way way better and I am beginning to get used to the UI changes.

Screenshot Of IE6 and IE7 running together - click to enlarge

Screenshot Of IE6 and IE7 running together- click to enlarge

The conditional CSS hack used came from this page : http://www.brothercake.com/reference/ie7/xxx.html

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