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2006-06-23 12:10:00.0

CFThread and CFJoin added to BlueDragon 7

Just noticed the following blog post from Vince Bonfanti titled

Multi-threaded programming in BlueDragon 7.0

One of the coolest new features of BlueDragon 7.0 is the ability to do multi-threaded programming. The basic idea is very simple: any CFML code wrapped in the new CFTHREAD tag is rendered on a separate thread while the main (request) thread continues processing concurrently. The main (request) thread can wait for the CFTHREAD by using the new CFJOIN tag.

This would be so so useful! There are many times where you need the processing to continue while a sub-task is run on a seperate thread!

I wish Adobe and New Atlanta would sit down together and form some kind of committee to decide on the inclusion of new tags and functionality to CFML the language.

It will be hard to write CFML applications for both application servers if there are some features available to one and not in the other. Especially tags that cant be really created using custom extensions etc

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