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2007-04-05 16:00:00.0

Teamwork CMS nearly ready to be launched as a free product

Over the last 7 years we have been developing and improving our in-house ColdFusion based content management system christened Teamwork CMS.

Every website, every application and every tool we develop starts out with a basic Teamwork installation. We have just finished a hugely successful job of implementing plug-ins to the architecture meaning that a website or application can have a specific module (e.g: an imaghe gallery) plugged in and live with in 5 minutes with ZERO programming.

Even the plug-ins can have plug-ins. Peter has created a slick installer for plug-ins allowing you to browse the available plug-ins, choose the one you want and insert it automatically!

More information can be found here:


Examples of plug-ins that have already been developed are:

  • Blog plug-in (The link above is actually running the Blog plugin!)
  • RSS Parser
  • Photo Gallery ( 2 different types)
  • News and Events
  • Event Calendar
  • FAQ
  • Sitemap
  • Document Library
  • And plenty of more to come!

The Teamwork CMS product will be given out free to non-commercial organisations with a small fee per license if you use the product commercially.

All plug-ins are available to all versions with new plug-ins and updates to old ones being added all the time!

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