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2007-11-15 12:36:00.0

Allow people to IM you from your blog - no software required!

As I have posted before, Live Support is something that interests me greatly and I have been constantly on the look out for a good solution.

A new addition to the Windows Live Messenger family of products is the Windows Live Messenger Control for blogs and websites. It allows anybody to contact you directly from your blog and you receive the message in your standard Windows Live Messenger client.

You can dictate if only registered WLM users or annonymous visitors can contact you and there are currently 2 modes of displaying the control. You can opt for a simple 16x16 icon that shows your status or a mini web based messenger client.

I chose the little icon on the right of my blog.

I also allow annonymous people to contact me so click it and say hello ;-)

Chat With Me Live

The good thing about the annonymous chat is that it is protected with a captcha so hinder abuse.

I am planning on using this on Teamwork Project Manager both on the website and inside the actual application to help people get their questions answered if they have any.

To get started, visit the Windows Live Messenger Control website, log in using your Passport account, choose the widget type you want, grab the one line snippet of code that is generated for you and place it on your website or blog. If you would like annonymous people to contact you, you have to click the settings tab and allow this.

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