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2006-07-06 11:59:00.0

Latest Project : ColdFusion + AJAX = ColdJax

I am just about finished phase one of the latest Digital Crew project.

We were asked to develop an application to manage submissions of timesheets from indivual contract workers which would feed into the existing clients Intranet (also built by Digital Crew - using our Teamwork Intranet engine).

This is the type of project I love getting passed by my desk. - Where you can innovate. I decided for this project I would make it completely AJAX enabled. 90% of the requests to the server are made behind-the-scenes using AJAX. The user interface is very Web 2.0-ish with big text and buttons and also benefits from keyboard short cuts etc

I took our standard application engine and spent the first 2 days re-writing segments of the framework to communicate with the server entirely using AJAX. The next step was to figure out the various modules and UDFs I would need to maximise code re-use.

Every major widget is called using CFMODULE and controlled by simply passing attributes. This gave me enourmous flexibility and in the future if we need to upgrade some functionality or extend a widget, there is only one segment of code to re-write.

Another aspect I wanted to do right from the start was the layout code. Every part of the application re-uses classes in the global style sheet. Before I would have added and added to the CSS as I needed some styles but with a bit of planning from the start, I identified the main style blocks and wrote more modules (custom tags) to encapsulate them all.

For example, the main modules are:

  • A button module with different colouring and ability to accept href or js functions
  • A timesheet widget module
  • A page turning module
  • A timesheet printing module
  • A tooltip module
  • An encapsulated object based AJAX library
  • An invoice capture module

Overall the satisfaction in writing this application out-weighed the total hours I put into it. Although debugging was alot harder than a traditional application, the AJAX portions actually saved me lots of time!

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